Eventive Sports is committed to providing our patrons and participants with world-class sporting events, presented with the highest standards of professionalism, that offer a return on the investment of our sponsors and vendors while giving back to, and elevating the image of, the community that plays host to our events.


What does it mean to play for Eventive Sports?

Beyond the talent, determination and attitude of each employee, Eventive Sports believes that working together to achieve a common goal involves team chemistry. This belief is supported by the company’s five core values – Simplify, Trust, Anticipate, Reach and Support.


Organizing an event is a complicated project. It requires thousands of individual operations in order for it to be a success. We sometimes run into trouble when we try to “do everything at once,” or when objectives are not clearly defined. Feeling anxious or undecided? Stop. Back up. Simplify. Clarify your objective and make a list of action items that lead toward the objective. Is your list too long? (See Support)


The timing pattern. Ever see one? Peyton Manning drops back and lofts a pass to the corner of the end zone. Wes Welker isn’t even looking, but like clockwork he looks and the ball is right there. It’s a thing of beauty. But it would never happen without trust. Peyton knows Welker will be where he’s supposed to be. Welker knows the ball will be there when he turns. Can your teammates trust you? Can they depend on you to do what you promised? On the other hand, will you leave them alone and believe a teammate will do what you ask? That’s how teams work together.


Got a second? Look into your crystal ball. Think about what’s going to happen next. Anticipate the problems and prevent them. Anticipate the opportunities and capitalize on them. That’s what champions do. That’s why they get the breaks. “Luck is residue of planning.” – Ken Hollard, General Manager, Detroit Red Wings


Champions never stop looking up. They always want to be faster, stronger, better. They never stop wondering, “What if…?” They never stop asking, “Why not…?” They know the question “When?” is answered by the How. “How,” you ask? By continuously reaching beyond themselves.


Ask for help. Offer to help. Even though it might not be your job, you can offer to help. Teams help each other. There are other ways to offer support. Teammates cheer each other up. They keep morale high. They’re fun to have in the locker room. They remember that you can turn work into play by having fun. After all, it’s only a game.